CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee – 5 things you didn’t know about the WWE couple

April Jeanette Mendez born March 19, is an American author and former professional wrestler. Born and raised in New Jersey , Mendez began her professional wrestling career on the state’s independent circuit in She signed with WWE in and spent two years in its developmental branch, Florida Championship Wrestling , before her promotion to the main roster. In , she rose to prominence through storylines with her “mentally unstable” character, such as high-profile relationships and a three-month stint as the General Manager of Raw. In subsequent years, she won the Divas Championship a record-tying three times [a] and held the title for an overall record of days. She retired from in-ring performing in Mendez has since focused on writing. Army , she once wore camouflage wrestling attire. Mendez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around the age of twenty, a condition her mother suffered from. In March , Mendez enrolled in a wrestling school close to her home, where she was trained by Jay Lethal.

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His departure and the subsequent controversy created an impossible situation for AJ. Her eventual decision to follow him out of WWE was as guaranteed to happen as Michael Cole overusing the word “vintage. A new report addresses that and in the process falls into the category of ” least surprising backstage news. The report also notes that AJ likely had to call her exit a retirement to get out from under her contract with the company.

At first, her relationship with CM Punk was strictly a storyline, better known as “​kayfabe” in the industry. But that storyline eventually turned into a real life romance. The two of them began dating, and got engaged and married, all within the course of two Some consider Lee to be one of the best wrestlers and one of the most.

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Karma at its finest. And just like his infamous pipe bomb, the name has its roots in real life. The chick magnet worked, and so the anti-culture duo dated for the first time in , then broke up, then reignited their love in and remained a couple for another year. It was rumored that Punk would woo AJ Lee while still together with Lita, and that could have explained the break-up. And as you might know it, after parting ways with Lita, CM Punk went on to marry the other anti-hero eccentric female wrestler.

That & these other real-life relationships would melt any romantic fan’s heart. Back in , AJ Lee and CM Punk were placed in a storyline together where Working together, the two started dating off-screen, and would.

No such list would be complete without the aforementioned couple, who got married in and were inseparable through the very early s. The two embraced as the crowd erupted in cheers, some even bursting into tears. The moment was instantly enshrined in wrestling history. However, their real-life romance would soon end as the two got a divorce about a year later. The two got married in , but despite working in WWE together for years, they never appeared on TV as a couple.

Both were granted their release from the company within days of each other. They would appear as a unit in the independent circuits and, for a short time, on Total Nonstop Action. Styled by: christinajpacelli andradealmas Gown csiriano, jewelry hsternofficial, clutch amandapearl, shoes stuartweitzman Suit: calvinklein suitsupply. This is another couple not featured together on TV, probably because Mark Callaway plays a deadman in the ring.

McCool often posts pictures of the two on Instagram, and they have a 6-year-old daughter together. McCool told former WWE ring announcer Lillian Garcia that it was the Phenom who courted her, and that her throwing a football perfectly is what made him fall in love.

‘Would love to see them but…’- Stephanie McMahon opens up on CM Punk-AJ Lee in-ring WWE return

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Movie Posters · Quotes. John Cena and Nikki Bella are dating and aj lee and cm punk are married John IG: Rainbow Slime – Life and hacks Le Slime, Slimy Slime, Borax Slime And how STRESSFUL can naming real ones be?! I am almost.

WWE storylines are often compared to soap operas, thanks to their outrageous nature and over-the-top drama. With that said, while scripted love stories that occur in that squared circle can sometimes melt fans’ hearts looking at you, Otis and Mandy Rose , the ones that unravel backstage are even that much more romantic. Any fans out there dream about meeting their favorite WWE superstar, falling in love, and getting married? Fantasy became reality just a few years back, when Kim, a huge fan of Orton’s and the WWE, met her favorite superstar at a live event in New York, her hometown.

According to reports, Randy was the one to make the first move and introduced himself to her, and the two clearly hit it off and started dating shortly after. The rest, as they say, is history! Kim and Randy tied the knot in , had a beautiful daughter together in , and are raising Kim’s three boys and Orton’s other daughter from a previous marriage ; living out their happily ever after.

Working together, the two started dating off-screen, and would eventually get married in June As most fans know, Punk left the WWE earlier that year, with some major accusations regarding the company’s medical team. Feeling “caught in the middle” between her employer and husband, as well as cervical spine damage she suffered, and feeling that she really did accomplish all the goals she set out to do in pro wrestling, Lee would follow Punk’s lead and retire from sports entertainment in April The two remain happily married to this day.

No sweeter love story than that of young love!

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You’re not alone, but one of the most famous fallouts in wrestling history meant there was never any chance of Punk making a videogame appearance. However, times change, and with the straight edge Chicagoan having made a shock return to the company as a WWE Backstage panellist, we may actually see him in WWE 2K Yet while Punk may return, others aren’t so lucky.

Below we profile 15 wrestlers who you’ll never see again in a WWE game.

Jan 21, – Cm Punk And Aj Lee Real Life Evolution Of Punk – YouTube.

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Running to the ring with a catchy rock tune, flexing magnificent muscles, and donning colorful facepaint is the Ultimate Warrior! Making his WWF debut in , the Ultimate Warrior was one of the most popular wrestlers from the mids to the 90s. He has since sadly passed away in

The chick magnet worked, and so the anti-culture duo dated for the first But then, Punk’s CM got attracted by someone else – AJ Lee, who.

During the interview, the topic of CM Punk came up. Konnan went on to discuss such things as Punk’s love life and his backstage perception. Previous reports have linked him to the likes of Lita and Beth Phoenix. In a recent article posted on prowrestling. Konnan continued in the interview by commenting on Punk’s backstage perception. Konnan claimed that some perceive him to have a “huge head” and that he once “hated” John Cena for similar behavior.

Then, now you have a big head. Obviously the stuff about Punk’s backstage perception is just that, perception. Punk’s stock within the company has sky-rocketed over the past few years. With success there will always be those trying to knock you down. There are always two sides to every story and the truth usually falls somewhere in the middle.

In this case, I am sure that the truth does indeed fall somewhere in the middle. When you have the top spot or are considered to be one of the top guys, you have to carry yourself a bit differently. Some might see that as confidence and his right, others might see that as ego and being conceited.

AJ confronts CM Punk: Raw, May 21, 2012